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Training Process Outsourcing (TPO) 

Training Process Outsourcing (TPO)

Looking to streamline L&D processes and functions in your organization? No worries! We’re here to help.  With our experienced managed learning services, we give every businesses and organizations options to customize and choose from. We are here to help you scale your L&D resources by offering a range of services to fill gaps as they arise.


We follow a unique model to ensure learning does not end in the session room. Talk to us about your training needs today so you can find out how we can help you make your training successful.




  1. We assess your training requirements in a cost-efficient way. This process involves evaluating training needs and weighing up training priority areas at all levels within your business or organization. We conduct a comprehensive training needs analysis and create a report to the management for decision making on which of the identified training needs should be prioritized.

  2. With a good training plan done, we then get to the design stage – this is where we take all  learnings and use it to make practical decisions. This includes a strategy, delivery methods, structure, duration, assessment, and feedback.  Then we create a ideas and storyboard that leads to creating a blueprint of the courses to communicate with stakeholders the value of the training. This stage  covers estimation of costs. We then submit a report that details the course outlines, schedules and proposed budgets.

  3. Once we have completed the course design, it’s time to share them with the learner. The delivery, tracking, and reporting are all handled by us to ensure that the delivery of the training is effective.

  4. This phase ensures all learning outcomes are applied and reinforced in actual practice within the organization. This phase will help managers monitor individual's progress and take appropriate actions to reinforce learning.

  5. Getting feedback on every aspect of the courses is really important so that you can improve and revise the content. hat being said, we see to it that our programs go through periodic evaluations. The results of the evaluation will help Mihwariy and the management identify areas for improvement and make all the necessary changes in the future.

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