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Let's grow together

Become an accredited partner trainer & consultant !

Let’s collaborate together, building practical and effective solutions for our clients and community while generating new opportunities for each other.

We Need Your Expertise


Leveraging your expertise and knowledge into a consulting role will definitely change your future career. By focusing on developing specialized expertise, understanding the client's business , offering customized solutions, delivering measurable outcomes, and building strong relationships, you can provide significant value to clients and the community.

1. Develop expertise in a specific area: As a Partner Trainer or Business Leadership Consultant, you are expected to provide expert advice and guidance in a specific area. By developing deep knowledge and expertise in a particular field or subject matter, we position you as a subject matter expert who can provide specialized advice to our clients and community.

2. Understand the client's business: As a Partner Trainer or Business Leadership Consultant, it's important to understand the client's business, goals, and challenges. You can add value by taking the time to learn about the client's industry, competitors, and market trends. This will enable you to provide more relevant and tailored advice to our clients.

​3. ​Focus on outcomes: As a Partner Trainer or Business Leadership Consultant, you are expected to deliver specific outcomes or results. You can add value by focusing on outcomes and measuring the effectiveness of programs or projects delivered. By demonstrating tangible results, we can position you who can deliver measurable value to clients.



1. Must be a Filipino Citizen.

2. With at least two (2) years of relevant industry work experience

3. Willing to share his/her knowledge, skills, and experiences in consulting projects or learning classes (webinars, seminars, training, coaching) they teach as well as participating in community events sponsored by Mihwariy.

4. Possesses good moral and high community reputation.

Documentary Requirements

1. Most recent and updated Resume or CV

2. Diploma or Certificate of Academic Accomplishment.

3. If employed, Certificate of Employment from current and previous organization.

4. Certificate of Project Accomplishments, Awards, and Recognition.

5. Valid NBI or Police Clearance.

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We're continuously searching for Experts that can build
Life-long Learning Experience






Accomplishment of Application Form

Submission of Required Documents for Evaluation

Background Check and Evaluation

Issuance of Certificate of Accreditation and Orientation

Benefits of being our accredited Partner Trainer (PT) or Business Leadership Consultant (BLC) 


As a Partner Trainer or Business Leadership Consultant, we demonstrate commitment to improve business operations and people's lives. You'll be part of a community that builds positive environment of dverse culture, growing economy, and sustainable future. 

We firmly believe that a great community begins with great collaboration and partnerships. You'll be part of the business growth and unlimited opportunities through shared expertise, knowledge, and competencies that are vital in business transformation.


As a Partner Trainer or Business Leadership Consultant, our community will not just deal with you as an ordinary individual. In fact, you're an advocate of change that makes a positive impact to someone else's lives towards better Philippines through passion and determination.

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