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HR, Employment and Labor Consulting

One of our core services is to provide you effective HR Consulting whether you are an existing business or investors (Local or Foreign) setting up operations in the Philippines. We help you prepare necessary and required documents, design your HR framework, policies, organizational structure, and alike that is compliant with the Philippine Labor Laws and Regulations.

Below are the recommended programs and services for each business types:


Law Books

Compliance to Statutory and Regulatory Laws

Every businesses must take compliance to statutory and regulatory laws and regulations very seriously.  These laws and regulations are in place to protect not only your business, but also your employees, customers, and the community as a whole. As such, we provide services to ensure that we are always in compliance with these laws and regulations.

Checking Text on a Document

Formulation of Strategic Company Policies and Procedures

Our experienced team works closely with you to understand your company's unique needs and goals, and then we develop comprehensive policies and procedures that align with your company's values and objectives.

Contract Review

Development of Employee Handbook 

We’re not just here to help you  create a comprehensive employee handbook, we also provide training and support to ensure that your team understands the policies and procedures outlined in the document. This helps to create a better workplace culture where everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities. We also offer regular updates and revisions to the handbook as needed, keeping it up-to-date with any changes in laws or company policies.

Job interview

Development of Structured Core HR Operations

HR functions are the backbone of any organization. That's why we are dedicated to helping you to develop and improve your core HR functions from recruitment to offboarding. With our expertise and personalized approach, we strive to create a positive and productive working environment for both employers and employees.

Pile of Coins

Compensation and Salary Design

Our team stays up-to-date with any changes in laws and regulations regarding compensation and benefits, ensuring that your company is compliant and avoiding any legal issues. That’s why we offer development and guidance in addressing any employee concerns or questions related to their compensation and salary, promoting a transparent and fair work environment.

Group of Asian waiting for an interview

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Strategies

We work closely with you to develop a comprehensive talent acquisition and recruitment strategy that aligns with your business goals and values. This includes identifying key roles and skill sets that are essential for your company's success, as well as understanding your company's culture and work environment.

Browsing Records

HR Records and Documentation Management

We understand the importance of compliance when it comes to HR records and management. We  stays up-to-date with all laws and regulations related to human resources, including equal employment opportunity laws, labor laws, and data privacy laws. This ensures that your records are accurate and secure, and your management practices are in line with legal requirements.

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