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"Celebrating Outstanding Achievements of the Most Innovative and Creative Filipino Students and School Organizations in the Business and Human Resources Space"

Awarding Ceremony : January 17, 2024 | Online



This Mihwariy program aims to recognize and appreciate outstanding individuals and organizations for their significant impact, achievements and contributions to the community and industry. To create a network for promoting their brand, inspiring growth, cooperation and development of our community economically and socially.



Mihwariy envision reaching every individual across the country as well as the Southeast Asian Region who excelled in their respective field of expertise and celebrate their perpetual endeavors.


By 2026, we will:


• Be the preferred partner in expanding network.

• Be the premiere platform in reveling their accomplishments and achievements.

• Be the pivot institution of national & regional awardees.



• To honor the contributions of outstanding individuals in Public Service, Educational Institutions,

Human Development, Civil Society, Health & Environment, & Business & Entrepreneuria.

• To publicly recognize and commend individuals who has the ability to lead and inspire others in their respective

field and communities.

• To create an avenue for goodwill and positive influence to individuals and organizations for development and for their

purpose to support the community and in nation-building.

Event Partners and Sponsors

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Official Event Media Partner

ZipMedia Entertainment Production


Part of the proceeds of sponsorships goes to our charity partners:

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