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The program primary purpose is to help Micro, Small, Medium and Large Enterprises or any lawful businesses in the Philippines to scale up, advertise, or

promote their products and services in a national scale.


In addition, this program empower every Filipino entrepreneur to boost their potential

and capability through business transformation

and continuous development.

Benefits Joining the Program

Reach huge audiences and gain potential clients and customers without hassle while creating a brilliant value of advertising to the community and market through brand-safe content, high quality, and full screen viewing.

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Network and partnership with local and

international business communities who can

support and provide helping hand to grow

your business management and operations.

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Increase the demand of your products and services through broader perspective and potential for

your brand in front of million eyeballs through

strategic marketing while everaging varities

of business technologies

Relate you strenghts and resources in the

continuous development of your business operation by partnering and engagement with industry

experts and consultants to foster positive

workplace and business

practice to win in the competition.

About the Program

While most of business and management consultants focus on cooperation and coordination, we go a step further. We collaborate with teams (big or small) and leaders to fundamentally change the way they think about business transformation. By shifting their brand and operations frame of reference we can instil a truly collaborative way of working. Whether it’s within groups, among departments or between organizations, we help you achieve outstanding business results.  .

In Business Breakthrough Program (BBP) 1.0, we put into application our unique Breakthrough Thinking methodology to help people especially entrepreneurs build a new partnering mindset and harness the real power of collaboration. 

We empower every individual and organization whose expertise is not being used to its full strategic potential, equipping them to build exceptional partnerships from scratch.  We redefine the role from being a transactional provider to equal stakeholder and influential partner, which we believe a key player, pivotal for delivering the strategic vision.


While we usually focus on the delivery of a key strategy, project or outcome, the benefits of a partnering mindset extend well beyond any single challenge. With our support, you can build a truly joined-up, flexible and agile business organization. A business where people seamlessly work as one – adding value and bringing their full potential to business success. 

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Complete the form to start

Thanks for registering to BBP 1.0 Check your email regularly for updates and notification or wait for a call/sms from our account business partner for further guidance.

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